Saturday, April 29, 2017

Project: 35 Showers I Can't Remember

Currently I am obsessed with the idea of HSAM, or "Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory".  HSAM has only occurred in about 60 individuals, but these people have the power to recall almost any moment from their lives with the utmost clarity. As a normal human being, I do not posses this ability, but I started to think, "what if I could remember everything I did?" Showering is something I do each and every day, but I obviously don't commit individual shower experiences to memory. Why would I? What would be the point? Half the time, I can't even remember if I've already washed my hair or not 10 seconds after doing so!

As a human, I forget 99.9% of the moments in my life, because my brain deems these moments unworthy of memorization. Even though these thirty-five repetitive instances of me showering are pointless in the grand scheme of my life (sans butterfly effect), I find it sad that they, like so many other moments, are completely forgotten forever. With the power of photography, I have presented these otherwise disregarded shower sessions to you in visual form. 

I used my Nikon Df and 20mm f/2.8 Nikkor. The physical print is 48"x46". And yes, these really are 35 different showers on 35 different days.