Thursday, July 19, 2018

Last Week in Regulated Garbage (7/12/18 ~ 7/18/18)

The latest drawings in my daily observational drawing series, Regulated Garbage. As always, you can view the entire collection HERE.

Dinner with Residents, 7/12/18, Micron on Business Card

Pat Grilling, 7/13/18, Micron on Sandpaper

Tux Napping, 7/14/18, Micron on Schedule

Watching the World Cup at the Foley Apartment, 7/15/18, Micron on TV Manual

Daniel Painting, 7/16/18, Micron on Business Reply Mail

The Beanhive, 7/17/18, Micron on WiFi Password Slip

Tom in his Darkroom, 7/18/18, Micron on Photographic Instructions

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Last (Two-ish) Weeks in Regulated Garbage (6/29/18 ~ 7/11/18)

For the past week, I've been taking part in an artist residency in Galesburg, Illinois, called "Studios Midwest." I don't have easy access to a scanner, so Regulated Garbage will not be updated as often as usual while I'm here (till the end of July). Here are the past thirteen days. As always, you can view the entire collection HERE. 

Snack, 6/29/18, Micron on Ad

Brent and Elijah, 6/30/18, Micron on Paper Plate

Allways Club, 7/1/18, Micron on Bulletin

Ike's, 7/2/18, Micron on Found Money Order Receipt

Danny's Basement, 7/3/18, Micron on Setup Guide

Mom with Old Photos, 7/4/18, Micron on Old Photo of Me

Drive to Galesburg, 7/5/18, Micron on Sudoku Page

Breakfast with Mom and Dad, 7/6/18, Micron on Postcard

Salvation Army, 7/7/18, Micron on Found Photograph (Stuffed in a romance novel)

Natalie in Studio, 7/8/18. Micron on Doodle

Tom at his Desk, 7/9/18, Micron on Filter Guide

Pat at Duffy's, 7/10/18, Micron on Business Card

Elizabeth Painting, 7/11/18, Micron on Submission Form