A Little Bit About Myself.

My name is Brennan Probst. I live in New Orleans with my wife, Katie, and our two beautiful little cats, Chooks and Furiosa. I am currently a third year candidate in the MFA program at the University of New Orleans.

Through autobiographical photographs and drawings, my work explores time, memory, and the artist’s ability to convey experience. Within my compositions, I provide an intimate look into my own life, while making wider observations about how my mind processes the world and the events that take place within it. Much of my work is concerned with circumventing the seemingly objective, static qualities of photography. I attempt to create images that convey how experiences feel, instead of how they look through the lens of an optical apparatus. With my work, I do not wish to take from the world around me, but rather to create from the world within me. By utilizing multiple exposures and collage techniques, as well as drawings, I investigate how I experience and remember my life, and the people within it.

Second to making art, I enjoy buying, selling, and collecting cameras. Cameras made between 1950 and 1980 interest me the most. I sell cameras on my Etsy store, PB Camera. My favorite cameras are my Nikon F, Nikon F2, Pentax LX, Pentax 6x7, and Olympus Pen FT (for digital I use a Nikon Df). My film of choice is Kodak T-Max 400.

Contact Info:

Email: brennanprobst@gmail.com

Etsy Store: Etsy.com/shop/PBCamera

Follow me on Goodreads: Goodreads.com/brennanprobst

Keep up with my cats: TheCatDad.blogspot.com