Friday, December 7, 2018

Last Week in Regulated Garbage (11/30/18 ~ 12/6/18)

The latest pieces in my Regulated Garbage series. You can view all of the drawings HERE.

 Packed for Mexico, 11/30/18, Pen on to-do list

 Harper Painting, 12/1/18, Pen on vintage ticket

 Death of the Boys Club Part 2, 12/2/18, Pen on postcard 

 Francis on Harper's Couch, 12/3/18, Pen on business card

  Furiosa and Merry Eat Dinner, 12/4/18, Pen on DSW reward

 Examining My Eye, 12/5/18, Pen on cotton swab packaging

Grad Crits, 12/6/18, Pen on discarded print