Regulated Garbage, February 2019

Panera, 2/1/19, Pen on receipt

 Waiting in the Car, 2/2/19, Pen on leaflet

 Infinite Jest, 2/3/19, Pen on old notes

Josh on a Lab Day, 2/4/19, Pen on test strip

Headache Tea, 2/5/19, Pen on camera packaging

Photo Shoot, 2/6/19, Pen on leaflet

Katie Revises My Thesis, 2/7/19, Pen on business card

Nintendo, 2/8/19, Pen on sample graduation announcement

WW Dinner Before Chewbacchus, 2/9/19, Pen on business card

 E Drawing, 2/10/19, Pen on tag


Maddi's Crit, 2/11/19, Pen on camera manual page

 Driftwood Meeting, 2/12/19, Pen on word search

Ariya Shows a Powerpoint, 2/13/19, Pen on speech bubble

Patrick in the Courtyard, 2/14/19, Pen on Valentine from Sylvia

Katie Playing on Her Phone, 2/15/19, Pen on vintage camera guide

Harper Drives to Hong Kong Market, 2/16/19, Pen on leaflet

Katie and Chooka on the Couch, 2/17/19, Pen on advert

Ariya Introduces the 4x5 Camera, 2/18/19, Pen on chalk box

Intro Lab Day, 2/19/19, Pen on unclaimed print

Charlie Listens to a Lecture, 2/20/19, Pen on instruction manual

Student Cameras, 2/21/19, Pen on leaflet

Shower After Bike Ride, 2/22/19, Pen on expired membership card

Katie Sewing, 2/23/19, Pen on card

Envie After Barkus Parade, 2/24/19, Pen on leaflet

 Watching Junk TV, 2/25/19, Pen on advert

Paper Meeting, 2/26/19, Pen on advert

 Waiting for Potatoes, 2/27/19, Pen on note card

 Watching My Bike Get Rained On, 2/28/19, Pen on advert