Regulated Garbage, January 2019

Family Room Visit, 1/1/19, Pen on birth announcement

 Plane back to NOLA, 1/2/19, Pen on boarding pass

Weight Watchers Bathroom, 1/3/19, Pen on plan booklet page

Chooka on Her New Tower, 1/4/19, Pen on Christmas letter

Katie's Comic Con Costume, 1/5/19, Pen on Krew Du Who card

Katie and Her Girls, 1/6/19, Pen on prescription

 Selling a Hasselblad, 1/7/19, Pen on service directory

Reading with Furiosa, 1/8/19, Pen on tea packaging

 Sick Katie, 1/9/19, Pen on coupon

Man Working, 10/10/19, Pen on coffee sleeve

 Softball Kid, 1/11/19, Pen on advert

Video Installation, 1/12/19, Pen on card

Saints Game, 1/13/19, Pen on menu

Chooka in My Lap, 1/14/19, Pen on book page

Hot Chocolate, 1/15/19, Pen on note card

Ariya Goes Over the Syllabus, 1/16/19, Pen on tobacco paper

Katie Reading, 1/17/19, Pen on MJ's show card

Furiosa on the Chaise, 1/18/19, Pen on Postagram from Mom and Dad

Sucré, 1/19/19, Pen on advert

 Watching NFC Championship, 1/20/19, Pen on city guide

Reading Man, 1/21/19, Pen on business card

 After Dinner, 1/22/19, Pen on takeout menu

Watching Youtube, 1/23/19, Pen on used stamp sheet

Joseph Wilcox Artist Talk, 1/24/19, Pen on card

E Sewing, 1/25/19, Pen on magnifying sheet

Peelander-Z Concert, 1/26/19, Pen on handout

Drive Back from King Cake Fest, 1/27/19, Pen on business card

Advanced Photo, 1/28/19, Pen on flier

 Katie Drinks Tea, 1/29/19, Pen on Postagram from Mom and Dad

Hanging with MJ and Harper, 1/30/19, Pen on packaging

 Sleepy Sisters, 1/31/19. Pen on stamp envelope