Regulated Garbage, March 2019

Watching Goldmember, 3/1/19, Pen on postcard

 Watching Frasier, 3/2/19, Pen on card

 Furiosa on the Bed with Chooka and Katie, 3/3/19, Pen on instant print

Woman at the Market, 3/4/19, Pen on business card

Ikura, 3/5/19, Pen on business card

Katie Playing a Puzzle Game, 3/6/19, Pen on note from Mom

Litter Troll, 3/7/19, Pen on lens tissue cover

Renee Visiting, 3/8/19, Pen on to-do list

Aaron at Breakfast, 3/9/19, Pen on business card

 Peter's First Beignet, 3/10/19, Pen on business card

Katie Writing, 3/11/19, Pen on envelope

Watching Storage Wars, 3/12/19, Pen on 4x5 negative

4x5 in the Studio, 3/13/19, Pen on old advert

Chooka on the Office Couch, 3/14/19, Pen on personal card

Concentrating on Taxes, 3/15/19, Pen on photograph

Angel Nevarez Speaking, 3/16/19, Pen on gallery attendance record

Skull Face, 3/17/19, Pen on instructions

End of Regulation, 3/18/19, Pen on instant print