My Etsy shop is PB Camera. I buy and sell film photography equipment and accessories. 

I am constantly looking for new merchandise. If you have photography equipment you'd like to sell, please send me an email at, or TEXT me at 847-863-8862 (I don't answer calls from numbers I don't recognize). I'm mostly interested in mid to high-end equipment made between 1930 and 1985. I like to buy equipment outright, but I can also sell on consignment. 

Thanks so much!

Cameras I am always interested in purchasing:
-Pentax K1000
-Pentax MX
-Pentax LX
-Pentax 6x7
-Pentax 645
-Nikon F, F2, F3
-Nikon FM, FM2, FM3a
-Nikon FE, FE2
-Nikkormat FT, FTN
-Canon AE-1, AE-1 Program
-Canon F-1, F-1n
-Olympus OM-1, OM-2, OM-3, OM-4
-Olympus Pen F, Pen FT
-Minolta XK
-Mamiya C330, C220
-Mamiya M645
-Leica M3, M2, M4, M5, M6, M7
-Polaroid SX-70

What I am NOT interested in:
-Video cameras
-Point-and-Shoot cameras
-Most Kodak box and folding type cameras
-Lighting Equipment

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