Shadowlands is a series of work focused on atmosphere, as well as my fear of the unknown.

As a kid, I was forced to go camping in the California wilderness with my mom and grandpa. "It'll build character," they said with a smirk. They dragged me up into the mountains to a secluded campsite and fully immersed me in nature. Everything was fine until dusk set in. Shadows slowly crept up the mountain peaks as the air grew cold. All I could hear was the faint whisper of wind through the trees. My eyes widened and I realized we were alone. Isolated. Vulnerable. All that separated us from the incoming darkness was a thin layer of tent canvas. I didn't know what monsters were lurking in the abyss, once the world went black. Fear ruled my mind.

While I'm no longer that kid who's afraid of monsters creeping in the dark, the unknown still scares me. In my life now, I feel like I am constantly facing uncertainty. These atmospheric photographs are a pseudo-abstract representation of what I'm going through. They all depict the world slowly fading into darkness, into the unknown. Shadows slowly consume and distort what was once friendly and familiar. I want the viewer to experience these shadows consuming the frame, and feel the fear of the incoming black void.

Each print measures 18"x12". I used my Nikon Df with 50mm and 20mm lenses.