Thursday, November 15, 2012

Spotlight: Asahi Pentax MX

My Pentax MX is my main 35mm camera. It's a fantastic piece of equipment. I bought it from my former boss because he thought it was defective. I always use it with my green and yellow hippy strap, along with my SMC Pentax 1:1.4 50mm prime lens.

What I like about it is how it is completely manual. It relies on batteries only for the light meter. The camera itself is quite small for a "pro" slr. It's very easy to carry around with me on trips... Like the Renaissance Faire! Here's a shot I took of my girlfriend Katie at the faire:

The camera has just about anything you could want from an all manual SLR. It has a horizontal moving focal plane shutter with speeds between 1 and 1/1000th of a second, plus B. There's a self timer, and a depth of field preview feature. I really love the full information viewfinder. It shows you your shutterspeed, as well as your aperture! Pretty cool. The light meter is pretty sweet too. The meter is made up of green, yellow, and red lights that show if you are a full stop over/under exposed (red), a half a stop off (yellow), or right on the money (green).  It's a great tool, and very accurate as well, when it works... My particular camera seems to have connector issues, as the meter occasionally likes to skip all over the place. But when it works, perfect exposures are guaranteed!

Like I said before, I take this camera with me in the car whenever I go on a trip. Wait... did I say car? I meant to say "shitbox". At least, that's what my friends call it. A photo of my van with my MX:

But yeah, that's about all I have to say about this great little SLR. Thanks, Tom Foley, for selling it to me! Here's a few more photo's I've taken with it within the past few months.

 Thanks for reading. See you next post!