Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Roll: Home

Yesterday Katie and I made the three and a half hour trek to Galesburg, our college town. I brought along my Kodak Retina iiic and my Mamiya C330. We went a different way than we usually do, and somewhere near Dekalb we came across a decrepit yellow house that was for sale on the side the highway. I had to take some photos of it. "Don't bring any ghosts back with you," Katie said as I got out of the car. The house did have a presence to it; I half excepted to see the silhouette of a figure moving around through one of the broken windows. I walked around the perimeter of the house with my iiic, taking a few photos. I then set up my tripod and took some shots with my C330. I'll hopefully get around to developing that roll and making some prints once I get home. Here are the shots I took with the Retina. I apologize for the resolution... Hi-Vee didn't do the greatest job with making my photo CD.

Spooky. Somehow I managed to escape without being possessed... I think. I just wish I could have gone inside. Maybe next time.