Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Lost Negative: Church

So I can't sleep right now, so I thought I'd test out my Epson V600's ability to scan 120 negatives. It did a pretty decent job, I think. Definitely good enough for internet posts.

I took this shot a few weeks ago by my parents' house in Wilmette. One of their neighbors has an awesome collection of hand-made birdhouses in their yard. This one, of a church, was one of my favorites. I used my Mamiya C330 with an 80mm lens and Arista 200 film. I think it was shot at either f2.8 or f4. I burned in the background a tiny bit in Photoshop, and cropped it to 8x10 format, but that's about it.

Work's been keeping me pretty busy lately, but this weekend I'll be taking some photos in Michigan! Thanks for looking.