Thursday, November 28, 2013

Greenwood House

On the way home from my camera repair place in Glenview about a week ago, I spotted this house along Greenwood Road. It looked like it'd been abandoned for at least a few years, because there was a note taped to the window that said "KEEP OUT! WE CALL POLICE -2011." The house is along a busy street, and it was the middle of the day, so I didn't risk going inside. Here are a few exterior shots I got of the house. I used my Exakta VX with a new 50mm f2 Zeiss Pancolar lens that I picked up from the October camera show. I believe I used a roll of expired Ilford HP5+.

My Exakta with the Pancolar lens.

I found the 50mm Pancolar lens to be not quite as sharp as the 58mm Biotar that I usually use with the Exakta. However, it does have an automatic aperture diaphragm, as opposed to the Biotar's semi-auto diaphragm, which makes the Pancolar a bit more practical in use. There's a bit of fungus in this particular Pancolar, so I might get it cleaned and try it out once more. Thanks for looking!