Monday, October 5, 2015

The Monstrosity

To pay rent, I buy and sell film cameras. I have a bunch of ads for my business up on billboards in various stores and coffeshops around town. A guy responded to one of my ads and said he had a Hasselblad 500c for sale. I grew excited, and met him the next day to view the camera. What he had was one of the weirdest combinations of accessories I'd ever seen on a camera. He had a normal 500c body, but it was paired with a 150mm lens, magnifier focusing hood, and a polaroid back. With a standard lens, waist level finder, and 120 back, the 500c is a gorgeous compact medium format machine. With all these weird accessories, it looked like a hideous monster!

I still bought the camera for a good price, and took it home. I noticed the polaroid back still had some (very) old film in it, so I tested it out. Here are some of the results I got:

This was my first time using a Hasselblad. I'd love to shoot with it again, once I find some normal parts...