Monday, December 19, 2016

New Medium Format Work!

Here's a few recent photographs I made with my Pentax 6x7. I used a 105mm f/2.4 lens and Kodak TMax 400 film. Scanned and edited in Photoshop and Lightroom. A continuation of my recent obsession with time and light. It was nice to get out and shoot with the Pentax; it had been sitting dormant on my shelf for much too long!


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    1. These particular photos are handheld. I ride my bike around NOLA looking for light that inspires me, so carrying a tripod is not practical. I also end up shooting in some sketchy areas, and having a tripod set up would make me an easy target.

      Handheld is definitely not ideal for the Pentax 6x7. I'm always sure to keep my shutter above 1/125th to avoid camera shake from that MASSIVE mirror.

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    1. Yes. When are you getting that kick-ass K-1?