Friday, June 9, 2017

Woe is a broken camera

Last week, my Nikon Df DSLR broke down. The aperture control lever randomly ceased functioning, meaning no matter which lens I put on the camera, the aperture does not stop down. Therefore, just about every shot is drastically overexposed and soft. I recently sent it in to Nikon, and they say it's going to cost $273.22 (exactly) to fix.


This puts a damper on some projects I'm working on (and projects I've been meaning to work on). Right now I only have access to my mom's old Pentax Q10, which, while a fun little camera, doesn't cut the mustard in terms of image quality for me. Also, since my Df + macro lens combo is how I scan film, I haven't been able to digitize some 35mm negatives I recently made. I desperately tried my flatbed scanner this morning, but the quality is just too shit. So... until my Df comes back from Nikon (hopefully in a week or so), there probably wont be any posts, unless I manage to get into my school's digital lab, but given UNO's strange summer hours, that seems unlikely.