Thursday, June 28, 2018

Last Week in Regulated Garbage (6/22/18 ~ 6/28/18)

The latest entries in Regulated Garbage, my daily observational drawing series. As always, you can view the entire collection HERE.

Starting My Thesis, 6/22/18, Micron on Body-Positive Event Ad

Covington, 6/23/18, Micron on Business Card

Katie plays Skyrim, 6/24/18, Micron on Letter from Dad

After Work, 6/25/18, Micron on Order Form

Chapter 21 of A Wild Sheep Chase, 6/26/18, Micron on Found Receipt

Grilling Veggie Burgers, 6/27/18, Micron on Shopping List

Delgado MFA Show, 6/28/18, Micron on Sign-In Sheet