Regulated Garbage, March 2018

Presentation, 3/19/18, Pen on magazine

Lighting Studio, 3/20/18, Pen on 35mm film box

PJ's Coffee, 3/21/18, Pen on receipt

Francis Taking Notes, 3/22/18, Pen on receipt

Fair Grinds, 3/23/18, Pen on coffee sleeve

Streetcar, 3/24/18, Pen on RTA ticket

Late Night TV, 3/25/18, Pen on journal page

Taxes, 3/26/18, Pen on post-it note

Watching TV, 3/27/18, Pen on Weight Watchers packing list

Dinner with Mom and Dad, 3/28/18, Pen on Paris notepad paper

David and Nicole at Kafein, 3/29/18, Pen on booklet

Metra Train, 3/30/18, Pen on Metra ticket

Danny Watches a Horror Movie at Calder's House, 3/31/18, Pen on bulletin