Regulated Garbage, April 2018

David at Starbucks, 4/1/18, Pen on coffee sleeve

View From Alchemy Coffee, 4/2/18, Pen on coffee sleeve

Mom Makes Pancakes, 4/3/18, Pen on old photograph

Braden's Last Night in the Studio, 4/4/18, Pen on marker packaging

Babycakes Opener, 4/5/18, Pen on ticket

Sylvia's Presentation, 4/6/18, Pen on paper borrowed from Jane

Listening to Podcast, 4/7/18, Pen on book page

Nap, 4/8/18, Pen on Monmouth College Magazine

Ariya's Lecture, 4/9/18, Pen on roll book paper

Photo Critique, 4/10/18, Pen on color swatches

Katie Sewing, 4/11/18, Pen on Gambit paper

Pizza Night, 4/12/18, Pen on pizza box

Commons, 4/13/18, Pen on old fire extinguisher tag

Buffalo Exchange, 4/14/18, Pen on postcard

Strawberry Fest, 4/15/18, Pen on Bible cover

Reading, 4/16/18, Pen on business card

Tad Gormley Stadium, 4/17/18, Pen on clothing packaging

Waiting for Haircut, 4/18/18, Pen on subscription card

Darkroom, 4/19/18, Pen on photo paper

MFA BBQ, 4/20/18, Pen on paper plate

Driving Home from Trader Joe's, 4/21/18, Pen on receipt

Sleeping In with Furiosa, 4/22/18, Pen on book page

Cheryl's Drawing Class, 4/23/18, Pen on packaging

Chaper Five of "Lucky Jim," 4/24/18, Pen on business card

Waiting for Crit Signup, 4/25/18, Pen on postcard

Pedal Boat on Big Lake with Katie and Julia, 4/26/18, Pen on flier

Tom and Julia at Dat Dog, 4/27/18, Pen on postcard

Commander's Palace, 4/28/18, Pen on Maxithins box

Lafreniere Park, 4/29/18, Pen on envelope

Furiosa in Her Shark, 4/30/18, Pen on invoice