Regulated Garbage, May 2018

Scanning Film, 5/1/18, Pen on paper scrap

Jane's Crit, 5/2/18, Pen on flier

Window, 5/3/18, Pen on decaying book spine

In Line at Post Office, 5/4/18, Pen on shipping label

Brent Paints His Van, 5/5/18, Pen on flier

Sneaky Pickle, 5/6/18, Pen on flier

Youtube, 5/7/18, Pen on shark sticky note

Intro Photo Final Crit, 5/8/18, Pen on paint swatch

Coffee After NOMA, 5/9/18, Pen on card

Pool Party, 5/10/18, Pen on drink packaging

Dead Mall, 5/11/18, Pen on business card

Waiting in the Car, 5/12/18, Pen on funny pages

Papa's Pizza, 5/13/18, Pen on receipt

Morning Call Reflection, 5/14/18, Pen on business card

Finishing Packing, 5/15/18, Pen on clothing tag

Plane to NYC, 5/16/18, Pen on in-flight magazine

NYC Subway, 5/17/18, Pen on MTA MetroCard

Lunch with Pearson and Madison, 5/18/18, Pen on Hartford newspaper

Phi Beta Kappa Initiation, 5/19/18, Pen on initiation program 

Hotel Nap, 5/20/18, Pen on Homewood Suites notepad paper

Bus to Boston, 5/21/18, Pen on bus ticket

Katie on Train to Salem, 5/22/18, Pen on Charlie ticket

Airbnb, 5/23/18, Pen on Katie's trip itinerary 

Getting Gas, 5/24/18, Pen on funny pages

Evening Light, 5/25/18, Pen on postcard

MJ's Room, 5/26/18, Pen on religious chart

T.V., 5/27/18, Pen on Katie's stationary 

City Park, 5/28/18, Pen on Ad

Woman Drawing, 5/29/18, Pen on postcard

Booths, 5/30/18, Pen on firing range ad

Francis's Digs, 5/31/18, Pen on postcard