Regulated Garbage, June 2018

Dugout, 6/1/18, Pen on cardboard tube

Katie at Work, 6/2/18, Pen on name tag

Lazy Sunday, 6/3/18, Pen on note from Mom

Watching the Rain, 6/4/18, Pen on envelope

Lunch, 6/5/18, Pen on sticker set

Film Processing, 6/6/18, Pen on 35mm film box

Waiting at Firestone, 6/7/18, Pen on business reply mail

Road Trip, 6/8/18, Pen on advert

Photo Library, 6/9/18, Pen on business card

Passenger Seat, 6-10-18, Pen on junk mail

Katie Stocks Shelves, 6/11/18, Pen on Weight Watchers tracker

Furiosa in Her Carrier, 6/12/18, Pen on receipt

Inspecting a Camera from Craigslist, 6/13/18, Pen on bulletin

Bar, 6/14/18, Pen on matchbook

E in the Studio, 6/15/18, Pen on photograph

Ice Cream, 6/16/18, Pen on business card

Bed Nap, 6/17/18, Pen on Kodak lens tissue envelope

Birthday Dinner, 6/18/18, Pen on bulletin

Reading with Furiosa, 6/19/18, Pen on sticker

Watching "Queer Eye," 6/20/18, Pen on old check

Harper Plays Street Fighter, 6/21/18, Pen on ripped dollar

Starting My Thesis, 6/22/18, Pen on body-positive event ad

Covington, 6/23/18, Pen on business card

Katie plays Skyrim, 6/24/18, Pen on letter from Dad

After Work, 6/25/18, Pen on order form

Chapter 21 of A Wild Sheep Chase, 6/26/18, Pen on found receipt

Grilling Veggie Burgers, 6/27/18, Pen on shopping list

Delgado MFA Show, 6/28/18, Pen on sign-in sheet

Snack, 6/29/18, Pen on ad

Brent and Elijah, 6/30/18, Pen on paper plate