Regulated Garbage, July 2018

Allways Club, 7/1/18, Pen on bulletin

Ike's, 7/2/18, Pen on found money order receipt

Danny's Basement, 7/3/18, Pen on setup guide

Mom with Old Photos, 7/4/18, Pen on old photo of me

Drive to Galesburg, 7/5/18, Pen on Sudoku page

Breakfast with Mom and Dad, 7/6/18, Pen on postcard

Salvation Army, 7/7/18, Pen on found photograph (stuffed in a romance novel)

Natalie in Studio, 7/8/18. Pen on found doodle

Tom at his Desk, 7/9/18, Pen on filter guide

Pat at Duffy's, 7/10/18, Pen on business card

Elizabeth Painting, 7/11/18, Pen on submission form

Dinner with Residents, 7/12/18, Pen on business card

Pat Grilling, 7/13/18, Pen on sandpaper

Tux Napping, 7/14/18, Pen on schedule

Watching the World Cup at the Foley Apartment, 7/15/18, Pen on TV manual

Daniel Painting, 7/16/18, Pen on business reply mail

The Beanhive, 7/17/18, Pen on WiFi password slip

Tom in his Darkroom, 7/18/18, Pen on photographic instructions

Knox Humane Society with Natalie, 7/19/18, Pen on flier

Julia and Aaron at Softball, 7/20/18, Pen on softball packaging

Meier's, 7/21/18, Pen on coaster

Great Harvest with Calder, 7/22/18, Pen on bulletin

Train Back to Galesburg, 7/23/18, Pen on ticket

Knox Darkroom, 7/24/18, Pen on 120 film

Tom with His Tree Making Photos, 7/25/18, Pen on found receipt

Resident Lunch at El Rancherito, 7/26/18, Pen on bulletin

Tom Makes a Contact Print, 7/27/18, Pen on leaflet

Last Morning in Galesburg, 7/28/18, Pen on hotel notepad paper

Bristol Ren Faire, 7/29/18, Pen on program

BBQ at Tom's, 7/30/18, Pen on food packaging

Figure Drawing at Evanston Art Center, 7/31/18, Pen on flier