Regulated Garbage, August 2018

Atwater Apartments Pool, 8/1/18, Pen on found book page

Red Eye from Chicago to New Orleans, 8/2/18, Pen on in-flight magazine map

E Makes a Zine, 8/3/18, Pen on photograph

Streetcar, 8/4/18, Pen on ticket

MJ in his Studio, 8/5/18, Pen on mail

Line at Post Office, 8/6/18, Pen on USPS form

Katie Naps Before Work, 8/7/18, Pen on packaging

Waiting Room, 8/8/18, Pen on medical brochure

Man Reading, 8/9/18, Pen on card

Potluck at Jane's, 8/10/18, Pen on stationary

Chooka Watches Katie Play Zelda, 8/11/18, Pen on card

Katie Working on the Mac, 8/12/18, Pen on sticky note

1st Grad Meeting of the Semester, 8/13/18, Pen on bulletin

Waiting for Paint to Dry, 8/14/18, Pen on coffee maker instructions

Late Lunch, 8/15/18, Pen on book page

Brooklyn Pizza, 8/16/18, Pen on clothing tag

MFA BBQ, 8/17/18, Pen on torn painting

Freak Show, 8/18/18, Pen on vendor list

Gallery Sitting, 8/19/18, Pen on student planner

Reviewing Recipes, 8/20/18, Pen on oddly-shaped sticky note

Katie Cooking, 8/21/18, Pen on postcard

Page 23 of The Sirens of Titan, 8/22/18, Pen on paper slip

Barnes & Noble, 8/23/18, Pen on receipt

Katie Edits My Thesis, 8/24/18, Pen on bulletin

Mid-Summer Mardi Gras, 8/25/18, Pen on found receipt

Katie Gets a New Tattoo, 8/26/18, Pen on bulletin

MJ and Aaron Play Pinball, 8/27/18, Pen on bulletin

Aaron Plays XBox in the Dark, 8/28/18, Pen on book page

Taj Mahal, 8/29/18, Pen on paper tablecloth

Aaron Reading, 8/30/18, Pen on business card

Fixing a Flat, 8/31/18, Pen on business card