Regulated Garbage, September 2018

Watching Fellowship of the Ring in Theater, 9/1/18, Pen on receipt

Katie Plays Zelda, 9/2/18, Pen on card from Dad

Supercuts, 9/3/18, Pen on magazine ad

Watching the Storm Roll In, 9/4/18, Pen on CD booklet page

Katie Packs a Package, 9/5/18, Pen on USPS form

Intro to Photo, 9/6/18, Pen on discarded print

"Team WW Strong" Packet Pick-up, 9/7/18, Pen on menu

Watching "Glow," 9/8/18, Pen on junk mail ad

Katie Rests Before Yoga, 9/9/18, Pen on instruction manual page

Cat Nap, 9/10/18, Pen on Aaron's awful drawing

Katie Eats Dinner, 9/11/18, Pen on cat drawing

Harper Paints, 9/12/18, Pen on religious literature

Furiosa Watches Me on the Toilet, 9/13/18, Pen on medicine packaging

Parkway, 9/14/18, Pen on matchbook

Brent's House, 9/15/18, Pen on Spider-Man stickers

Hong Kong Market with Harper, 9/16/18, Pen on poster

Facebook, 9/17/18, Pen on candy packaging

Waiting for Class to Start, 9/18/18, Pen on grade book page

Tulane University Center, 9/19/18, Pen on Tulane paper

Driftwood Meeting, 9/20/18, Pen on Driftwood funnies

Potluck, 9/21/18, Pen on save the date card

Waiting at the Running Store, 9/22/18, Pen on card

Drive from Walgreens to Target, 9/23/18, Pen on old parking receipt

My Darkroom, 9/24/18, Pen on exposed photo paper

Josh Before Class, 9/25/18, Pen on discarded print

Waiting Room, 9/26/18, Pen on advert

Katie Writes an Article, 9/27/18, Pen on postcard from Pearson

Pensacola Airbnb, 9/28/18, Pen on Airbnb welcome note

Katie in the Ocean, 9/29/18, Pen on flier

Ruby Slipper Pensacola, 9/30/18, Pen on religious propaganda