Regulated Garbage, October 2018

Barista's Ennui, 10/1/18, Pen on brochure

King Gorilla, 10/2/18, Pen on warranty

Furiosa Watches Katie Sleep, 10/3/18, Pen on card from Mom

Editor-In-Chief, 10/4/18, Pen on sticky note

Writing with Katie, 10/5/18, Pen on coffee sleeve

Art Talk, 10/6/18, Pen on advert

Cooking, 10/7/18, Pen on cashed check

Jane's Critique, 10/8/18, Pen on color swatches

Crit Audience, 10/9/18, Pen on found doodle

Katie Prepares for a Meeting, 10/10/18, Pen on "Success Story" book page

Watching "It," 10/11/18, Pen on catalog page

Waiting for Katie, 10/12/18, Pen on advert

Waiting for the Entergy Cat Second-Line, 10/13/18, Pen on old flier

Harper in MJ's Room, 10/14/18, Pen on photograph

Late Night Netflix, 10/15/18, Pen on note from Mom

NOLA Coffee Crawl 2018, 10/16/18, Pen on advert

Dinner Outdoors, 10/17/18, Pen on advert

Josh Sitting on the Floor, 10/18/18, Pen on paper negative

Linner, 10/19/18, Pen on menu

Waiting in the Car in the Rain, 10/20/18, Pen on old receipt

Relaxing in the Backyard, 10/21/18, Pen on community notice

Watching "Tremors," 10/22/18, Pen on opened letter

Viewing Negatives, 10/23/18, Pen on film packaging

Ariya's Choir Group, 10/24/18, Pen on cut postcard

Quiz, 10/25/18, Pen on advert

Lying in the Sun, 10/26/18, Pen on ticket

Watching "Little Shop of Horrors," 10/27/18, Pen on magazine page

Flu Shot, 10/28/18, Pen on coupon card

Studio Assignment, 10/29/18, Pen on packaging

Crazy Hair, 10/30/18, Pen on business card

Halloween Dinner, 10/31/18, Pen on advert