Regulated Garbage, November 2018

Paper Meeting, 11/1/18, Pen on flier

Grading While Katie Does Cross Stitch, 11/2/18, Pen on repurposed flier

Mom and Dad Visit, 11/3/18, Pen on postcard

Mom in the Backseat, 11/4/18, Pen on postcard

Streetcar Stop, 11/5/18, Pen on advert

Dad Ordering, 11/6/18, Pen on business card

After Dinner TV, 11/7/18, Pen on coupon card

Talent Show Crowd, 11/8/18, Pen on flier

Katie Watching a Movie, 11/9/18, Pen on junk mail

Harper and Francis at Sea Cave Arcade, 11/10/18, Pen on advert

Destrehan Plantation Fall Fest, 11/11/18, Pen on flier

Jim's Talk, 11/12/18, Pen on ancient comic strip

Tristan Warms Himself Against the Film Dryer, 11/13/18, Pen on card

Katie Reading, 11/14/18, Pen on discarded name tag

Discussing the Final Issue, 11/15/18, Pen on word search

First Softball Game, 11/16/18, Pen on scoring sheet

Watching the Joust, 11/17/18, Pen on Albright map

MJ in the Studio, 11/18/18, Pen on comic book page

Furiosa in Her Tower, 11/19/18, Pen on sample holiday card

Katie and Furiosa Write an Article, 11/20/18, Pen on note from Tom

Death of the Boys Club, 11/21/18, Pen on business card

Thanksgiving Dinner, 11/22/18, Pen on Thanksgiving menu

Black Friday, 11/23/18, Pen on advert

Japanese Homework, 11/24/18, Pen on postcard

Watching Crappy Christmas Movies, 11/25/18, Pen on envelope

Archdiocese Meeting, 11/26/18, Pen on newspaper ad

Making a Negative Collage, 11/27/18, Pen on business card

MJ Smoking, 11/28/18, Pen on business reply mail

  Katie Getting Work Done, 11/29/18, Pen on advert

Packed for Mexico, 11/30/18, Pen on to-do list