Regulated Garbage, December 2018

 Harper Painting, 12/1/18, Pen on vintage ticket

Death of the Boys Club Part 2, 12/2/18, Pen on postcard 

Francis on Harper's Couch, 12/3/18, Pen on business card

 Furiosa and Merry Eat Dinner, 12/4/18, Pen on DSW reward

 Examining My Eye, 12/5/18, Pen on cotton swab packaging

 Grad Crits, 12/6/18, Pen on discarded print

Playing Smash Ultimate, 12/7/18, Pen on junk mail

Harper Plays a Fighting Game, 12/8/18, Pen on business card

Waiting for Acro Cats, 12/9/18, Pen on advert

The Night Before I Leave, 12/10/18, Pen on Uncle Ed's Christmas card

Man at the Gate, 12/11/18, Pen on business card

Mom Wraps Presents, 12/12/18, Pen on wrapping paper

Dad Paints in His Studio, 12/13/18, Pen on receipt

David Drives His Subaru, 12/14/18, Pen on advert

Dad Opens Birthday Presents, 12/15/18, Pen on save-the-date card

Mom Watches Alien 3, 12/16/18, Pen on question card

 Lunch with Peter, 12/17/18, Pen on business card

Danny Plays Guitar, 12/18/18, Pen on guitar string packaging

Radiology Waiting Room, 12/19/18, Pen on medical brochure

Aaron's Apartment, 12/20/18, Pen on instruction booklet page

Katie Prepares for the Party, 12/21/18, Pen on wrapping paper

Danny Waits for the Train, 12/22/18, Pen on kid's menu word search

Watching Elf, 12/23/18, Pen on to/from labels

Dad Reads The Polar Express, 12/24/18, Pen on holiday cracker

Dick at Tom's Place, 12/25/18, Pen on gift card holder

Pearson in the Living Room (After Hearing Mom's Cancer has Spread), 12/26/18, Pen on stationary

Train Downtown, 12/27/18, Pen on Metra ticket

Watching TV in Jan's Apartment, 12/28/18, Pen on gift card holder

Aaron at Dinner, 12/29/18, Pen on business card

Calder and Danny in the Basement, 12/30/18, Pen on game disc

Katie Sleeps in My Old Bed, 12/31/18, Pen on stationary

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