Sunday, March 17, 2013

Roll: Rail-Side Ruins

Today Katie and I took a seven mile round-trip walk to Winnetka, a neighboring town. To get there, we took the "Green Bay Trail", a small bike path that runs alongside the train tracks. On the side of the path there are a series of "ruins"; cement parts of an old path or railroad tracks... I'm not quite sure. I've taken this path many times, and these small structures have always interested me, so today I decided to photograph them with my newly acquired Kodak Retina iiiC (not to be confused with the iiic).

I used Kodak C-41 black and white 400 ISO film that expired in 2003. I had the negatives developed at Walgreens and then "scanned" them with my Pentax K-5 DSLR. (See my "Ghetto Scan" post to learn more about that process). I used a shaved negative holder while photographing the negatives so that you can see the edges of the film. That way you can tell I did not crop any of the images. Enjoy!

Crumbled Support
The Old Path
Lakeside Ruin

Thanks for looking!