Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Print: Mangled

Last weekend my brother-in-law, Aaron, and I went back to the grease factory in Huntley, Illinois.

The factory is so overgrown that a small forest has grown up around it. In the summer, when we were last at the factory, the brush around the main building is so thick that you can hardly see ten feet in front of you. I figured it might be worthwhile to go back to the factory now, in the winter, to see if we could find anything new.

Lo and behold, around the outskirts of the factory, we discovered a small graveyard of wrecked vehicles. Many of these cars and trucks had been destroyed to the point where you could barely tell what they used to be. This print depicts what I think was a pick-up truck, which is now scrunched up into a ball, looking very similar to a wad of crumpled-up paper.

I used my Pentax LX with an SMC 35mm F/2 lens, on Ilford HP5+ film. The physical print is 8 x 10 inches.