Sunday, December 27, 2015

Print: Chair Desk

I recently created this print a couple weeks ago from a negative I made over the summer. I found this chair desk inside a half-collapsed barn in northern Illinois. I used my panoramic Widelux F7 in order to emphasize the grand scale of the barn that houses the chair. The harsh lighting was difficult to deal with when it came time to make the darkroom print; a lot of dodging and burning was necessary in order to bring out details in both the highlights on the ground and the shadows in the rafters. However, had the lighting been soft, I don't think the photo would be as interesting as it is. I love how the afternoon sun creates a spotlight on the desk, contrasted by the deep shadows of the first floor of the barn.

After owning and using the camera for nearly a year, my Widelux F7 continues to amaze me. :)

The physical print is 9.5"x4".

Thanks for looking!