Thursday, June 21, 2018

Last Week in Regulated Garbage (6/15/18 ~ 6/21/18)

The latest entries in my Regulated Garbage series. As always, you can view the entire collection HERE.

E in the Studio, 6/15/18, Micron on Horse Photo Xerox

Ice Cream, 6/16/18, Micron on Business Card

Bed Nap, 6/17/18, Micron on Kodak Lens Tissue Holder

Birthday Dinner, 6/18/18, Micron on Bulletin

Reading with Furiosa, 6/19/18, Micron on Sticker

Watching "Queer Eye," 6/20/18, Micron on Old Check

Harper Plays Street Fighter, 6/21/18, Micron on MJ's Ripped Dollar