Thursday, August 16, 2018

Last Week in Regulated Garbage (8/10/18 ~ 8/16/18)

The latest work from my daily observational drawing series, Regulated Garbage. View the entire collection HERE.

Potluck at Jane's, 8/10/18, Micron on Stationary

Chooka Watches Katie Play Zelda, 8/11/18, Micron on Card

Katie Working on the Mac, 8/12/18, Micron on Sticky Note

1st Grad Meeting of the Semester, 8/13/18, Micron on Bulletin

Waiting for Paint to Dry, 8/14/18, Micron on Coffee Maker Instructions

Late Lunch, 8/15/18, Micron on Book Page

Brooklyn Pizza, 8/16/18, Micron on Clothing Tag (found in parking lot outside restaurant)