Sunday, March 24, 2013

Roll: Pentax Randomness II

So, I decided to play around with scanning some color negatives. I took my Pentax MX out for a long walk with Katie and shot a roll of color Fuji 200. I "scanned" the roll with my DSLR, just like last time, and attempted to invert and correct the color in Photoshop. It's probably my lack of Photoshop experience talking, but wow... the process was a lot more difficult than I thought! I ended up making most of the shots black and white, since that process is a whole hell of a lot less frustrating. I've found that I really do like scanning the negatives in myself, just so long as they're not in color. Here are my favorites from the roll:
Totaled car in an alley in Wilmette

Beetle at the Train Station

Weird sex-toy-looking spring rider

Lake House
Alley Fence

Katie looking snarky
Sign for "The Room" at the Music Box Theater

Katie at the Waterfall Park

Akai Hana Heads

The Reading Lady

So I've noticed that in a few of these shots, like the one of the green beetle, there is serious light fall-off on the left side of the frame. I don't know what's causing this; it seems to happen at random with my MX. If anyone has a clue, please let me know!