Sunday, July 27, 2014

Spotlight: Minolta SRT 202

Last weekend I went to a camera show, and picked up this sweet Minolta SRT 202. The SRT 202 came out in 1975, and was Minolta's flagship mechanical camera, and also the successor to the famous SRT 102. It's apparently pretty hard to find in Black, so I guess I lucked out.

The SRT 202 has a full information viewfinder (aperture and shutter-speed settings are visible with your eye to the camera). The focus screen is a split image/microprism, and cannot be switched out, sadly. There is no mirror lock-up switch on the SRT 202, which I find odd, since the SRT 102 had mirror lock-up. One odd "feature" the SRT 202 has is that the depth-of-field preview switch only works when the shutter is cocked. Strange!

I put a roll through my SRT 202, and had a lot of fun with the camera. Unfortunately, the 1/1000th speed "bounces", resulting in half of the frame not getting exposed. All other aspects of the camera worked fine, with the exception of the internal meter, which I did not test.

Here are some of my results (all shot on T-Max 400):

  Thanks for looking!