Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Plate: Amalgamation (My Love)

While eating dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant a few months ago, I asked my wife to close her eyes and visualize her mother's face. She claimed that in her mind, she conjured various photographs of her mom to form an image of what she looks like. 

I believe amalgamations of photographs are the foundation to how we remember countenances in our mind's eye. According to this thesis, subconsciously, the human mind combines photographs in order to create pseudo-complete images of people important to us. I say "pseudo-complete" because these mental images are still quite weak and ghost-like. Vivid memories also figure into the mind's mental image for a time, but these inevitably fade (be it by time apart or death), until all we're left with are photographs from which to create an amalgamated physiognomy. 

Hopefully this theory doesn't sound too crazy, and maybe some of you can relate. Amalgamation (My Love), attempts to illustrate how multiple photographs can combine in the mind's eye to form the pseudo-complete image of a person's being. In this instance, it is the image of my wife. This photograph is made up of sixteen even exposures, with each exposure depicting Katie on a different day. It was made with my Pentax LX using Fuji Neopan Acros 100 film.