Thursday, May 24, 2018

Last Week in Regulated Garbage (5/16/18 ~ 5/23/18)

Here are my Regulated Garbage drawings from our East Coast trip. Katie and I went to New York, Hartford, Boston, and Salem over the span of a week. As always, you can view all Regulated Garbage drawings HERE

Plane to NYC, 5/16/18, Micron on In-Flight Magazine

NYC Subway, 5/17/18, Micron on MTA MetroCard

Lunch with Pearson and Madison, 5/18/18, Micron on Hartford Newspaper

Phi Beta Kappa Initiation, 5/19/18, Micron on Initiation Program

Hotel Nap, 5/20/18, Micron on Homewood Suites Notepad Paper

Bus to Boston, 5/21/18, Micron on Bus Ticket

Katie on Train to Salem, 5/22/18, Micron on Charlie Ticket

Airbnb, 5/23/18, Micron on Katie's Trip Itinerary