Saturday, May 12, 2018


(Click the above image to view Regulated Garbage!)

I have recently updated the website to include my drawings. Yes, that's right, is now no longer strictly a photography website. Regulated Garbage, my new daily drawing series, has been fully uploaded and will continue to be updated on a regular basis. Check it out! I do not claim to be a talented drawer, but I enjoy practicing observational drawing as an act of looking, unaided by mechanical apparatuses.

Hope you all like the new look, and get some entertainment out of my wonky illustration skills (or lack thereof). Photography will continue to be my main focus, along with my camera spotlights, so don't worry about those going away. This updated look is simply a way for me to avoid pigeonholing myself solely as a photographer. I consider myself as a visual artist first, and photographer second;  the update reflects this view.