Thursday, September 6, 2018

Last Week in Regulated Garbage (8/31/18 ~ 9/6/18)

The latest pieces in my daily observational drawing series, Regulated Garbage. You can view the entire series HERE.

Fixing a Flat, 8/31/18, Micron on Business Card

Watching Fellowship of the Ring in Theater, 9/1/18, Micron on Theater Receipt

Katie Plays Zelda, 9/2/18, Micron on Card from Dad

Supercuts, 9/3/18, Micron on Magazine Ad

Watching the Storm Roll In, 9/4/18, Micron on CD Booklet Page

Katie Packs a Package, 9/5/18, Micron on Post Office Form

Intro to Photo, 9/6/18, Micron on Discarded Print