Friday, September 14, 2018

Last Week in Regulated Garbage (9/7/18 ~ 9/13/18)

The latest works in my daily observational drawing series, Regulated Garbage. See ALL of the pieces HERE.

"Team WW Strong" Packet Pick-up, 9/7/18, Micron on Menu

Watching "Glow," 9/8/18, Micron on Junk Mail Ad

Katie Rests Before Yoga, 9/9/18, Micron on Instruction Manual Page

Cat Nap, 9/10/18, Micron on Aaron's Awful Drawing

Katie Eats Dinner, 9/11/18, Micron on Cat Drawing

Harper Paints, 9/12/18, Micron on Religious Literature

Furiosa Watches Me on the Toilet, 9/13/18, Micron on Daytime Cold & Flu Packaging