Saturday, February 23, 2019

Last Week in Regulated Garbage (2/16/19 ~ 2/22/19)

The latest drawings in my Regulated Garbage series. You can view the whole lot of them HERE.

 Harper Drives to Hong Kong Market, 2/16/19, Pen on leaflet

 Katie and Chooka on the Couch, 2/17/19, Pen on advert

 Ariya Introduces the 4x5 Camera, 2/18/19, Pen on chalk box

 Intro Lab Day, 2/19/19, Pen on unclaimed print

 Charlie Listens to a Lecture, 2/20/19, Pen on instruction manual

 Student Cameras, 2/21/19, Pen on leaflet

Shower After Bike Ride, 2/22/19, Pen on expired membership card