Friday, February 15, 2019

Last Week in Regulated Garbage (2/9/19 ~ 2/15/19)

The latest works from my Regulated Garbage series. View all of the drawings HERE.

 WW Dinner Before Chewbacchus, 2/9/19, Pen on business card

 E Drawing, 2/10/19, Pen on tag

 Maddi's Crit, 2/11/19, Pen on camera manual page

 Driftwood Meeting, 2/12/19, Pen on word search

 Ariya Shows a Powerpoint, 2/13/19, Pen on speech bubble

 Patrick in the Courtyard, 2/14/19, Pen on Valentine from Sylvia

Katie Playing on Her Phone, 2/15/19, Pen on vintage camera guide