Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Hello, welcome!

My name's Brennan Probst, and I'm a photographer. Well... sort of. I'm a recent graduate of Monmouth College, where I studied studio art with a concentration in photography. Film photography. No digital crap. After graduation, I built myself a darkroom in my basement where I can process film and make prints. It's here were I spend the majority of my scarce free time.

I already have a website at, but it's kind of a pain in the ass to update, and it only lets me post 35 images at a time. So I've started this blog to keep a log of all the photos I take on my various different cameras. Did I mention I have a lot of cameras? Cause I do. I have a collection of around 60 film cameras, with 5 or 6 that I use on a regular basis. My main camera, the one that got me through college, is my Mamiya C330.

Me with my C330

The Mamiya C330 is such an amazing camera. It looks sexy, and performs beautifully every time. I love twin lens reflex cameras, and the C330 is probably as good as they get; with its rugged design, and many interchangable lenses, of which I own all but the ludacrisly expensive 250mm. It's extremely reliable, and when I want to make a serious artistic print, this is camera I use. Mainly I use my 105mm lens, which is still a "normal" lens, which just a touch of telephoto. Super sharp. It's great for portraits.

 One of my favorite photos I took during my senior year at Monmouth (using my C330)

I also like using many different 35mm cameras. These photos are usually taken just for fun, as 35mm negatives just don't stack up to 120 negatives. Like I said before, if I want to make a serious photograph, I'm using a medium format camera.

I have three favorite 35mm cameras. I love my Pentax MX, Exakta VX, and my Retina iiic. More on those later.

So with this blog I am going to post my latest art photographs, as well as photographs I take for fun. I would also like to have posts that just feature different cameras in my collection, whether I've used them or not. So I hope you enjoy the (hopefully) many posts to come.