Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lost Negative: Refuge

I'm going to start a new segment, called "Lost Negative," where I take the time to show certain shots that I have never printed. The reasons for my never printing these negatives will vary. Some I simply don't like enough to spend the time and resources to print, while others are negatives that just aren't workable (Too overexposed, underexposed, or have flaws I can't work around), but can be brought to life through the wonders of Photoshop. But don't be sad; some of these might one day be printed. You just never know! 

This negative is from over a year ago, when I shot a roll inside an abandoned house near Oquaka, Illinois. I used my Mamiya C330 with an 80mm lens. The negative is just a bit too thin to make a darkroom print from it.

Thanks for looking!