Friday, October 19, 2018

Last Week in Regulated Garbage (10/12/18 ~ 10/18/18)

The latest work in my daily observational drawing series, Regulated Garbage. You can view all of the entries HERE

Waiting for Katie, 10/12/18, Pen on advert

Waiting for the Entergy Cat Second-Line, 10/13/18, Pen on old flier

Harper in MJ's Room, 10/14/18, Pen on photograph

Late Night Netflix, 10/15/18, Pen on note from Mom

NOLA Coffee Crawl 2018, 10/16/18, Pen on advert

Dinner Outdoors, 10/17/18, Pen on advert

Josh Sitting on the Floor, 10/18/18, Pen on paper negative