Thursday, October 4, 2018

Last Week in Regulated Garbage (9/28/18 ~ 10/4/18)

The latest pieces in my daily drawing series, Regulated Garbage. You can view the entire collection HERE. 

Pensacola Airbnb, 9/28/18, Pen on Airbnb welcome note

Katie in the Ocean, 9/29/18, Pen on flier

Ruby Slipper Pensacola, 9/30/18, Pen on religious propaganda 

Barista's Ennui, 10/1/18, Pen on brochure

King Gorilla, 10/2/18, Pen on warranty

Furiosa Watches Katie Sleep, 10/3/18, Pen on card from Mom

Editor-In-Chief, 10/4/18, Pen on sticky note