Thursday, August 2, 2018

Last Two Weeks in Regulated Garbage (7/19/18 ~ 8/2/18)

I'm finally back in New Orleans after my month-long residency in Illinois. From now on, Regulated Garbage will resume its daily updates. As always, you can view the entire collection HERE.

Photographs and camera spotlights from my residency are coming soon!

Knox Humane Society with Natalie, 7/19/18, Micron on Flier

Julia and Aaron at Softball, 7/20/18, Micron on Softball Packaging

Meier's, 7/21/18, Micron on Coaster

Great Harvest with Calder, 7/22/18, Micron on Bulletin

Train Back to Galesburg, 7/23/18, Micron on Ticket

Knox Darkroom, 7/24/18, Micron on 120 Film

Tom with His Tree Making Photos, 7/25/18, Micron on Found Receipt

Resident Lunch at El Rancherito, 7/26/18, Micron on Bulletin

Tom Makes a Contact Print, 7/27/18, Micron on Leaflet

Early Morning in Galesburg, 7/28/18, Micron on Hotel Notepad Paper

Bristol Ren Faire, 7/29/18, Micron on Program

BBQ at Tom's, 7/30/18, Micron on Food Packaging

Figure Drawing at Evanston Art Center, 7/31/18, Micron on Flier

Atwater Apartments Pool, 8/1/18, Micron on Found Book Page

Red Eye from Chicago to New Orleans, 8/2/18, Micron on In-Flight Magazine Map